Endorse our Strategy for Reinvigorating Our Democracy

  • “A superb accomplishment.”
        Mike Gallagher, Member, U.S. House of Representatives
  • “It’s brilliant…You have hit a grand slam, and it’s very, very important.”
        Mickey Edwards, Vice President at The Aspen Institute, Former Congressman, and Author, The Parties versus the People
  • “This essay will be seen as groundbreaking.”
        Peter Ackerman, Managing Director, Rockport Capital and Chairman, Level The Playing Field
  • "This work is magisterial.”
        Adam Hanft, Founder and CEO, Hanft Projects 
  • “A new paradigm for political action that forces us out of our ideological corners.”
        Austin Ramirez, CEO, HUSCO International
  • “An extremely insightful analysis of the duopoly that has rigged our politics for their own benefit.”
        Greg Orman, Author, A Declaration of Independents and 2014 Independent Senate and 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate